cryophonik is a studio project that produces melodic, progressive electronica music, ranging from ambient and chillout to triphop to progressive house and trance. On these pages you will find news updates, biographies of myself and the many talented people that I have the opportunity of collaborating with, photos of my studio, list of the equipment that I use, and, of course, the music.

The name cryophonik roughly translates into "frozen sound", a tongue-in-cheek reference to the sonic nature of electronic music, which is thought of by some as being cold, sterile, and lifeless. My goal with this project is to breathe new life into electronica by blending pulsating rhythms, brooding ambience, and dark textures contrasted by melodic leads, frantic arpeggios, and warm vocals in a style that is upbeat and danceable. This approach relies on blending synthesizers and drum machines with organic instruments, such as vocals, guitars, pianos, and strings.

Latest News
5.4.12 - Shades of Red EP

Be sure to stop by the music page and check out the new Aliciya Angel/cryophonik track called "Shades of Red", and a killer progressive house remix by Dallas-based Mario & Eric J!

2.16.2012 - New Release!

"Closer" featuring Mia Valo released by Exalted Tunes. See the News page for details and to hear samples of the original mix, acoustic version, and Avery Parker remix.


"Essence" by cryophonik and Aliciya Angel - Straight Up! Records.